I Lost at NaNoWriMo…Again

And you know what? I don’t mind a bit.

Just before November, I posted my thoughts on NaNoWriMo. I participated in the event once again this year, as I have the last few years. But I never seriously expected to reach 50,000 words, nor did I really try to do so. I prefer to write at my own pace, and that pace doesn’t lead to writing 50k words in a single month.

But that’s okay. I’m confident I’ll finish my current project, which sports the working title Daughters of Darkness. I wrote 22,572 words in the month of November, and up to this point, the work totals about 43,300 words. I’m expecting the first draft to come in around 125,000 words when it’s done. That’s long for a (potential) debut novel in general, but I write epic fantasy, which has a different standard for length compared to other genres.

Here’s the chart of my progress from the NaNoWriMo website:


You can see I hit a little snag as we got to Thanksgiving. Excessive quantities of wine and turkey are not conducive to writing a lot of words, let me tell you.

Anyway, I’m still hoping to finish the first draft in March, with the goal of querying agents on the book in early Summer.


2 thoughts on “I Lost at NaNoWriMo…Again

  1. But you did “win” so to speak. Look at that! You wrote nearly everyday. Your draft will most likely be closer to a publishable piece of work than mine when you are finished! I need a full scale revision!

  2. Thanks! I think every work needs a full scale revision, no matter how fast the draft comes out. Revising isn’t my strongest point, so I try to get it as close to awesome as I can while writing, but I’ll always need to do major editing afterward. Best of luck to you!

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