Tweet-cap of DoD So Far

Last night I finished chapter 24 of my current manuscript, Daughters of Darkness (working title). I’m about 84k words in, and I’m targeting 120k-125k as the length of the first draft.

After a writing session, I frequently tweet about what I just wrote, making silly little comments on the subject of the scene. I thought it might be fun to go back and recap those tweets here in one post. I’m not putting all of them in here – just selected tweets – but I think this is more than half.

Here they are:

Writing Soundtracks

I’m a little over halfway through writing the first draft of my current MS, tentatively titled Daughters of Darkness. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started it, it’s that I like Halestorm.

I follow a lot of writers on twitter, and it appears that many, like me, listen to music while writing. I occasionally see writers tweeting what bands/songs they’re listening to while writing.

I’m not sure how other writers set up music to listen to, but I personally like to create a soundtrack before I write a book. Typically, I pick one band – or sometimes one album – to use as the core for that novel. I’ll put in other songs that I want to listen to while I write, but I tend to associate one band with one of my books. I started this with my third book, and I’ve done it since.

The Book of Terrors = Breaking Benjamin

Wizards’ Curse = A7X – Hail to the King

Blood Price = Linkin – Park The Hunting Party

Daughters of Darkness = Halestorm

I find this useful to me, because whenever I need to get in the writing mode, I’ll play the soundtrack, and I instantly feel like I should be writing. It also creates an emotional connection for me, linking the songs with the associated characters. That can be good and bad, though, as I can’t listen to the other soundtracks while I’m writing a book. I feel like I’m cheating on my other characters somehow – and yes, this definitely means I’m a fucking weirdo. Blah.

Anyway, I recommend listening to Halestorm if you like rock music. They have a nice range, and the songs carry a lot of emotion behind them. And also Lzzy is pretty hot.